A Complete Guide to Kosrae Village

      Kosrae Village is an award-winning Eco lodge on the remote island of Kosrae, Micronesia that has plenty of fun in the sun to offer anyone looking to enjoy a slice of paradise. Kosrae has refrained from becoming another tourist destination that millions flock to simply because it is far off enough to hide from the tourist hordes, yet close enough to enable reasonably easy visits any season.

      Yet it has all of the activities, scenery and perks that tourists are usually on the hunt for. With an abundance of locals being well educated and speaking English, tourists still feel comfortable enough to travel the island at ease and a peace of mind. It is also accustom that the locals treat tourists as honored guests so visitors will never feel like they are intruding or unwelcome. Read on to discover more amazing things about this amazing island and village.



      Besides generous locals, Kosrae is known for beautiful beaches, natural dive spots that haven’t been affected by over-diving, and gorgeous plants and animals. Mostly known, and traveled to, for it’s dive sites, Kosrae has a “ringing reef” that is 43 miles around and not impacted by human-life—leaving the nearly virgin corals and its inhabitants to remain that way for decades to come. The diving is actually run by a 5 Star PADI dive center, Sleeping Lady Divers, and also run an in-house repair department.

      If you feel more comfortable on land and don’t wish to test your skills beneath the sea, there is plenty of beauty to be seen elsewhere on the island. Not only is there an abundance of beautiful wild flowers and luscious green jungles, but the butterflies and birds are a sight to been as well.


      After a day full of diving and seeing what beauties lie beneath the sea near Kosrae Island, visitors can unwind in their bungalows that have been designed for maximum comfort and relaxation. The cottages are traditional Kosraean “lohm,” dating back to 500 years ago. Situated under coconut, banana and mangrove trees to provide shade, and the floor raised above ground to allow for the easy flow of tropical breezes, it is nearly impossible for one to not find peace and comfort waking up every morning and going to bed every night.

Sunday’s Are For R&R

Just like it was many centuries ago in the U.S., Sundays are still considered a day of rest, as well as the “Lord’s Day.” Upon Kosrae on a Sunday, you will find most businesses and stores to be completely closed, and instead, the Churches open and full. Along with this, there are two very important rules on Kosrae for Sundays.

      The first is that there is absolutely zero fishing or harvesting of marine life. I highly advise visitors respect this rule, as the locals are already so easy-going and kind to guests. The second rule is that there is to be no consumption of alcoholic beverages. With so much beauty and wonder happening around you, I think one can survive a Sunday without the “daily fix.”


Check out the video below for more on Kosrae Village!