Kosrae Village Cottages

Kosrae Village Ecolodge & Dive Resort Cottage
Kosrae Village Cottage K Adams Photo

Our spacious individual cottages are traditional Kosraean "lohm" hidden under the shade of enormous mangrove, pandanus, and coconut trees at the ocean's edge. They are connected by paths of naturally hard packed sand. We are experimenting with solar lighting for the pathways, but now they are often lit by candles (weather permitting :)).

            Village & Dive Resort Ecolodge Cottage Yvette Cardoza photo
Kosrae Village Cottage Yvette Cardozo Photo

Traditionally, the construction of a Kosraean lohm or house begins by burying four huge corner posts six feet or more in the ground. These posts give the house its strength. As additional framing is added the entire structure is held together by strong coconut fiber twine woven in intricate knots around the timbers. The floor is raised above the ground to allow the easy flow of cooling tropical breezes and the walls are constructed of locally woven reed siding. The peak of the steeply pitched thatch roof is 20 feet off the ground, easily shedding rain and encouraging cooling air currents.

The techniques work just as well now as they did 500 years ago!

Kosrae Village Ecolodge & Dive Resort Interior T Omoto photo
Cottage Interior T Omoto Photo

Visually rich, the cottages are also extremely comfortable from the spacious porch to the large bathroom and private garden shower. Modern amenities include:

  • Extremely comfortable queen beds (draped in mosquito netting)
  • Floor fans
  • 24 hours electricity and hot water
  • Refrigerator and coffee maker
  • Wireless Internet reaches some of the cottages

We have three types of cottages, in addition to the cottages pictured above we have two larger "family size" cottage and one suite. The suite has an air conditioned bedroom and the most privacy.

We are happy to exchange the queen beds for twin or single size beds, put in a large worktable (photographers and scientists - take note!) or make any other adjustments you need. Please let us know if there is anything in particular that will make your visit more enjoyable.

Kosrae Village Cottage Interior EMJ photo
Cottage Interior EJ Moore Photo

Here is a sketch of the property, showing the relative position of the road, mangrove and ocean.

Kosrae Village Layout

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What Our Guests Say

"Elixir for my soul."

"Amazing disconnect from urban daily live."

"Kosrae Village is a wonderful, magical place run by wonderful people."

"This place is amazing, and you can hear the surf from anywhere in the resort."

"The food is top notch"

"Was especially pleased to find a history of Kosrae in my cottage and the fridge stocked with fresh fruit. What a nice surprise!"

"Kosrae has one of the best reefs that I have seen in my 42 years of diving."