Eco Adventures on Kosrae Island, the Jewel of Micronesia

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Kosrae and the rest of Micronesia are well known diving destinations, but just look at the other things you can do on Kosrae! This island abounds with natural beauty and treasures that you will want to explore.

Kosrae Village Tours

Scuba Diving on Kosrae Island's Incredible Reef

2 Tank Boat Dive, lunch ----------------> $119.00
2 Tank Boat Dive (Nitrox), lunch ---> $139.00
1 Tank Boat Dive, snack -----------------> $79.00
1 Tank Boat Dive (Nitrox), snack -----> $89.00
3rd Tank -------------------------------------------> $49.00
3rd Tank (Nitrox) ------------------------------> $59.00
Technical Expeditions ----------------------> $169.00

Diver at Hiroshi Point

Kosrae is one of the premier diving destinations in the Pacific. Magnificent, pristine hard coral gardens, breathtaking walls, schools of large pelagic fishes and tons of tropicals and invertebrates. You've been to Chuuk (Truk), Palau and Yap? Try the *other* Micronesian diving destination.

For more detailed information on diving on the coral rich Kosraean reefs, check this page: Diving. (Top)

Free Diving & Snorkeling on Kosrae

Free Diving & Snorkeling, lunch -> $79 - 119.00

The coral gardens that make Kosrae a divers paradise also provide world class snorkeling and free diving opportunities.

Swimming either on the reef flat for exercise or over the reef in the ocean for fun is as natural as breathing on this island.


Fishing and Blue Water Hunting

Fishing & Blue Water Hunting, lunch -> $79 - 119.00

Kosrae is an island that has lived off of the reef for centuries and many forms of fishing are practiced.

With this history, Kosraeans are ready to join any fishing adventure. Our guests have joined in many of the local fishing activities or have brought their own tackle for:

Blue water hunters are also welcome at KVR and on Kosrae.


Coral Monitoring on Kosrae

Do you want to make a contribution to the continuing health of coral reefs (& get a US Tax deduction)? Kosrae has several coral monitoring projects that are a collaborative effort between KVR, Kosrae Island Resources Management Authority (KIRMA) and Kosrae Conservation and Safety Organization (KCSO). Sport divers are welcome to join one of the monitoring teams - we provide training and logistical support. For more information email me at or click here for more detailed information on our monitoring program.


Other Tours & Experiences

Surfing on Kosrae

Surfing is a popular sport on Kosrae and a number of our visitors come here specifically to surf. We see both long boards and body boards. Check Surfer Magazine for their online surf report for Kosrae.

Just remember that our surf is unpredictable and all of the breaks are on coral, so skill and patience are required!


Hiking, Climbing and Trekking on Kosrae

Kosrae has many hiking and climbing trails. In most cases a guide will accompany the hikers, the forest canopy is thick, the terrain is often rugged, and the trails cross private land.

Available hikes range from easy walks through rainforest valleys to vigorous uplands forest hikes and rigorous mountain climbing.

The mountain climbing is non-technical. At times a rope will be useful, but no other equipment is necessary.


Protected Areas and Reserves

Trees in Yela Forest Reserve

The Kosraean community is just starting to explore different methods of protecting critical habitat and biodiversity as well as how these resources might be used in a sustainable manner.

Since Kosrae is a very small and vertical island, with little productive land, it is difficult to set a significant part of the land or reef apart as a no use zone. The key seems to be defining the truly critical areas that should be left untouched and then setting aside additional areas that are protected, but accessible for sustainable use.

On Kosrae, these decisions are made at the community level, which means there is a great deal of caution, thought and discussion involved before agreement is reached.

For more details and photos check this page.


Lelu & Menka Ruins on Kosrae

Kosrae is home to the Lelu Ruins, one of the major archaeological sites in the Pacific. Touring the ancient stone-walled capital is an amazing experience. One of the mysteries is how the enormous pieces of basalt were quarried, transported and put in place by pre-industrial people.

Many other historical sites exist on Kosrae, one that is now open to the public is the Menka ruins. This very ancient site is at the end of a lovely rainforest walk in the river valley.


WWII Artifacts on Kosrae

Kosrae was occupied by the Japanese during World War II, and has its share of artifacts. You can easily find bunkers and the radio station on the beach. You will also see the stairs to nowhere, actually steps up a steep cliff face that use to lead to the Japanese weather station, rusting tanks and other remnants from the war while driving around the island.

Visiting some of the many Japanese caves and tunnels is a little more strenuous and will require some hiking.


Beach Combing and Tide Pooling on Kosrae

Walking the beach front and exploring the tide pools on the reef flat during low tide are an enjoyable pastime for all ages. Plan on wearing reef walkers or similar shoes to protect your feet and don't forget the sun block!


Canoeing & Kayaking on Kosrae

Endless ferns cascade from the trees

Several knowledgeable local guides provide outrigger canoe trips into the mangrove channels that have been used by the Kosraeans for transportation for centuries. If the tide is high enough, and the channel is clear of fallen trees, it is possible to travel all the way from Utwe to Walung by canoe.

Kosrae Village also offers kayak tours through the mangroves, in channels too small to accommodate an outrigger.

It is also possible to surf or dive from the kayaks. Some hardy folks have even circumnavigated the island by kayak.



For years the Kosraean men have hunted the wild pigs in the mountains using machetes and dogs. It is possible to join a hunting expedition, but you need to be in very good physical condition in order to participate safely.


Bird Watching on Kosrae

Kosrae has a large number of birds, including the endangered Micronesian pigeon. Except for the doves and pigeons, a number of bird watchers have completed their lists on the KVR grounds or a short walk away. The pigeons and doves are generally found inland and require a little more effort.


Kosraean Handicrafts

The weavers on Kosrae are amongst the region's best, producing hats, bags, baskets and wall decorations. They also make sleeping mats and fish nets. In addition to offering fine handicrafts for sale, they will show how they gather and process their weaving materials. If you'd like, they will also help you try your hand at producing your own weavings.

Almost everyone you meet will be familiar with some aspect of traditional plant use, ranging from medicinal use to handicraft and building materials. They are happy to share their knowledge with visitors.


Night Life on Kosrae

Night life on Kosrae translates to wild life. Night is when many of the crabs, giant fruit bats and other animals are out and about. Fascinating and entertaining!

The night sky is also spectacular - with no light or air pollution every feature of the sky is extremely clear. Because we are close to the equator, both Northern and Southern Hemisphere constellations are visible. Imagine the Big Dipper and Southern Cross in the same sky!

Oh, you meant that *other* kind of night life! Well, there are three bars and restaurants on the island, ours is the best, naturally!


Kosrae Village Ecolodge, the place to rest, relax and rejuvenate, is also your center for exploring the sensational world of Kosrae!