Coral Monitoring Transect Line



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  • Bird on 2012-Oct-07 14:59:27 Bird said

    I dropped Sparky off at aneohtr boarding facility. When I picked him up they had him in a kennel outside with no air conditioning. He's an indoor dog and not use to the heat. It was august and 90 degrees outside! Never again.I've taken Sparky to the farm three times now and each time he jumps up and down as soon as we turn down the drive. He loves it there and it's such a wonderful place. It's has air conditioning, hammocks for the dogs and there were even little swimming pools. You can tell Tamara really loves animals and they love her too. Sparky runs right up to her which is something he rarely does. I'm happy I found this place and thrilled to leave a comment.
  • Yara on 2012-Oct-09 00:10:21 Yara said

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