The Kosrae Village Scrapbook

Enjoy the special people and special times at Kosrae Village.

Guard Cats

            Guard Cats!


  • Ivy's Trip Report - GREAT Photos!
  • Robert and Diana visited us from Holland. Here is their site.

Wes Lapp's Free Diving Page

Click here for Mike and Janet's Vacation Photos!

Brian and Theresa's Kosrae Adventure.

Stephanie's Kosrae Photos

The Kosrae Village Wedding Album!

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2nd Annual Kosrae Festival of the Arts

The tok is the Kosraean Pounding Stone

The Festival is a joyous celebration of Kosraean culture - old and new.
In addition to celebrating Kosraean culture and traditional skills, the festival commemorates the WWII liberation by Allied forces.

Welcome to the Kosrae Festival of the Arts
Kosraean Youth Performaing a Modern Dance

       Modern Dance

All Generations
Traditional Work Chant

            Work Chants

Traditional Sitting Dance

            Traditional Sitting Dance

Tying, weaving and carving are the major handicrafts on Kosrae.
Ranging from the purely decorative, like these flower marmars, to the very practical baskets and canoe being tied below.

Marmars Traditional Handicraft Display Traditional Handicraft Display Traditional Skills Traditional Skills Traditional Skills Traditional Skills All Generations Fish Market

Of course the farmers and fishermen show off their best products and yes, it's all for sale!

Fish Market Produce Market Traditional Games Traditional Games Traditional Games Traditional Games Traditional Games Traditional Games

Canoe races, foot races, people watching and tons of other activities make this a VERY busy week.

Traditional Games
All Festival Photos Taken by Katrina Adams

Kosrae Village "Clam Planting" Project December 2004 Update

Kosrae Village Ecolodge Giant Clam Project Kosrae Village Ecolodge Giant Clam Project

We found that the clams were being slowly buried in coral rubble and we had to relocate them to a safer place.

Kosrae Village Ecolodge Giant Clam Project Kosrae Village Ecolodge Giant Clam Project

The remaining clams were carefully gathered and raised to the boat.
Once on board they were moved to their home.

Kosrae Village Ecolodge Giant Clam Project

First Kosrae Street Market

First Kosrae Street market Wood Carving Dresses and Skirts
Vendors have traditional carvings as well as local skirts and dresses for sale. Local Food Canoes, Marmars and More!

Local treats - YUMMY! and many other traditional crafts

Japanese Student Study Cruise

Tokai University students arrive
Arrival Day

Students have fun.
Not everything was serious!

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"Kosrae has one of the best reefs that I have seen in my 42 years of diving."