Kosrae Surf!

surfing in Kosrae

Kosrae has some great surf - BUT it's not predictable.

Generally, the summer months (June - September) have great surf at the Malem break on the east side of the island and near Kosrae Village. This break is suitable for all surfers.

The surf on the north side near Walung and the airport can become monstrous year around, but it is generally biggest during our winter and spring, December - April. This is a great break for short boards, experience is needed!

In most cases the surf breaks over the hard coral reef flat so care is needed (some surfers wear helmets).

A few of the popular breaks are at channel or harbor mouths, so the surfer has some place to go.

The photos on this page were taken at the Malem break by Mike Lemons.

surfing in Kosrae surfing in Kosrae

If you have questions about our surf, availability of boards, surf tour operators, etc. drop me a line and I will check with the local surfers for you.