Kosrae Village Technical Expeditions — Dive Into the Unknown!

The circumnavigation of Kosrae Island

at 150 feet

Participate in some of the nearly 200 dives needed to circumnavigate the island at 150 feet with potentially deeper dives to examine what we find.

Focused on small groups of 2 to 4 Tec Divers interested in exploration and discovery. This truly is exploratory diving, as we don't know what we will find.

Scattered unidentified wreckage, previously unidentified wrasses and huge fans over 9' across have been seen.

What else is "way down there?"

Exclusively for Tec Divers

Really Be "The First To See"

Sorry we do not have Tri-mix yet, so depths are limited to that attainable with reasonable safety on air.

Rebreathers welcome.
With over 75 tanks for Nitrox & Technical Diving,
6 sets of doubles, 2 H valve tanks & 7+ Deco tanks


Technical Diver Training

Kosrae Village and Sleeping Lady Divers offer all levels of Technical Diver certifications from introductory Nitrox to Tec Deep.

Are you an experienced Rescue Diver, Nitrox Diver and a Deep Diver?

Are you ready to plan and execute dives beyond the limits of sport diving?

AND live to tell the tale?

The PADI Tec Diver Course (Tec 40, 45 & 50)

2 weeks all focused on Technical Diving.

Get off the plane ready to go, the class starts that evening with assembly of the Technical diver rig. It continues with classroom interspersed with the 12 dives of the Tec Deep diver class. Additional dives may be possible; time, nitrogen and oxygen loading permitting. Contact us early for prerequisites, particulars and scheduling. In order to complete the class in a reasonable time, pre-study is absolutely necessary.

Rebreathers and Side Mount Deploying a Liftbag Hanging on the Bar Hanging Without the Bar Hang Tank
Hanging at the End of the Dive