Traditional Skills

Kosraean culture is modern, alive and dynamic - but traditional skills are treasured and passed to younger generations.

Here are some photos of skilled practitioners in a few of these skills. More photos will be added as they become available.

Basalt Tok

The tok, made of basalt rock, is the extremely heavy pounder used for making fafa from soft taro, or kutak.

Making Fafa

Lonno Joe, one of the highly trained fafa makers, is preparing the traditional sweet.


Deckla Abraham and Litakua Paul are respected weavers.


Kenye Kephas is another of Kosrae's famous weavers.

Kosraean Carver

Austin Jonas, a noted wood worker, is polishing a model tok, the fafa pounder at the top of the page.

What Our Guests Say

"Elixir for my soul."

"Amazing disconnect from urban daily live."

"Kosrae Village is a wonderful, magical place run by wonderful people."

"This place is amazing, and you can hear the surf from anywhere in the resort."

"The food is top notch"

"Was especially pleased to find a history of Kosrae in my cottage and the fridge stocked with fresh fruit. What a nice surprise!"

"Kosrae has one of the best reefs that I have seen in my 42 years of diving."