Top 5 Worst Things You Must Never Do When Dating

As many perks as there can be for dating, it comes with a lot more drama and heartache than you could have imagined. Whether you’re the one breaking hearts or getting yours torn out, if you see any signs that your current partner is partaking in any of these things, then you probably want to run for the hills before it’s too late.

1. Cheat:

Never commit adultery and go for someone else while you are in a committed relationship. It makes no sense to pursue someone else when you have already defined the relationship you are in and are currently seriously seeing someone. Not to mention the bad karma the universe will be casting on you because good things don’t happen to shitty people cheating on their partners.

It’s called communication and if you’re that wildly unhappy to cheat than just express that to your partner, break up and then be on your merry way. Don’t try to have your cake and eat it too because if your partner knows what’s good for them, they will dump your ass the second they realize you can’t keep it in your pants or resist temptation.

2. Avoid Big Talks:

It’s inevitable to have many serious talks in a relationship, relating to the huge milestones that you guys will take together to get stronger and hopefully see a future. If you’re the type to hate serious conversations, then you just need to suck it up because it’s bound to happen whether it’s time to meet the parents, get serious about marriage or a possible baby, the big talks are what get you on the same page.

If you avoid taking things to the next level, but your partner is always begging you to have one then chances are you shouldn’t be together because talking about things is healthy and normal and you might just be too dysfunctional to have one of those types of relationships.

3. Skip Date Nights:

There’s no reason to be skipping out on these and get boring. Make it a point to carve out time to have these special moments, even if they aren’t the most fantastic restaurants or hot spots. Spending personal and quality time with one another is so important, and that is where you are connected and enjoy each other’s company. ¬†And if you’re looking for someone new to date then check out the app.

4. Disrespect:

The moment there is cussing or any abuse happening, all respect has left the relationship. There should be no chaos or dysfunction, although occasional bickering is encouraged. No connection can be picture perfect all the time, but if there is constant arguing and you’re embarking on an emotional roller coaster, then it’s probably not right.

5. Put Work Before:

A relationship should be a top priority and never in competition with someone’s work or anything for that matter. I understand it’s important to make a living, but your massive paycheck isn’t going to be there for the hard times so make sure you’re not taking your partner for granted.